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Portland Burn Survivors Inc is a non-profit corporation devoted to helping burn survivors lead happy rewarding lives

for survivors, their friends and families



a message from the prez Our Anthology 'do I believe? is Finished!

Hello survivors, friends and families; Portland Burn Survivors Inc's anthology '..do I believe?' is available NOW at Virtual Book Worm Pictures, paintings, jewelry, short stories, poetry and photography from burn survivors, their friends and family. From the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. Twenty eight artists share their POV.

It will be available in Kindle format as well as soft cover book. It will also be for sale on Amazon. However, if you buy directly from VBW our royalty per book is larger. Everyone that participated will get 2 free hard copies and an Ebook.

Now that the hard work is done, the fun can begin! Doing press for '...do I believe? will be pure silliness. I will keep all participants notified thru email. Thanx everyone for the beautiful, powerful, imagry / I love it xox

August: Went to the last Trek in the Park, 'The Trouble with Tribbles' / super fun & sad that their 5 year mission is over.


December was filled with holiday cheer. Eight of us went to 'A Circus Carol' a retelling of A Christmas Carol, done with singers, jugglers and acrobats. Rob, Alisa, Tanya and Dallas took the Oaks Park Polar Express.

Happy November / back from New Orleans, had a fun trip, we packed a lot into the week / graveyard ghostie trolly tour, the New Orleands Museum of Art, a ferry ride across the Mississippi, the New Orleans Fringe Festival and live jazz, blues & good food everywhere.

September 2012 - had a few near misses but never did get a grant, still we gained a lot of knowledge about blabbity blab and I think we'll have better luck this coming year; yes it's the New Year for PBS, our fiscal year starts September 1st

However we did make a few didgets fundraising and had some generous donations (Total for the fiscal year $6430, details on Finance page,) so PBS was able to send four burn survivors to the World Burn Congress. (Milwaukee Wisconsin, September 12 - 15.) facebook Fotos Here The rest of our cash was spent on Grants and operating expenses.

Trek in the Park: Journey To Babel - it's an episode from the 1960's Star Trek series done like a play in Cathedral Park, St John's. It was so nice we're doing it twice / It's free and starts at 5 pm, a few of us are going early, having a picnic and saving some land near the front. Come join us!

Last year was silly fun but the old park was overflowing, Cathedral Park is a nice amphitheater.

Trader Joes in Woodstock is giving us flowers again this summer, every Wednesday thru Labor Day, if you need some cheer, or know someone who does, drop an email

Bud died peacefully in his sleep this year. RIP Arthur 'Bud' Wicks, a good friend, loving and sweet, you are missed.

Brad K and Alisa C went to the Canadian Burn Conference in Calgary June 2012 / met some great new friends, wrote about it in Oregon Live

June fundraiser at the Gemini Lounge. Fun music good food and a raffle that made a few bucks.

PBS had a Nite Out, super silly fun / we had firemen and storm troopers / silent auction and raffel made a grand and change


Burn Survivors require real support; financial, physical, educational and emotional. It's necessary to heal and allow for future reconstructive surgeries. It's time consuming and can be overwhelming. Everyone is different, please let us know who you are and what we can do for you.

Check us at Community, Support & Grants, reach us at Contact. With life there is hope. PBS is devoted 2 happiness.

loveu ~ PBSurvivors

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