About Us

Burn Survivors are from every segment of humanity, every age, race, class and gender. We are individual’s, our injuries do not define us.

What we have in common is something the masses don't really understand, they see pain and loss but often miss the clarity-love combo; it’s profound, insightful and draws us together.

Burn Survivors are resilient, maybe. Burn Survivors are also so fragile that they simply crumble to dust and blow away.

This site is dedicated to everyone that has given in to suicide.

RIP brothers and sisters.

We love you and will try to prevent suicide any way we can.

If you are thinking of it please call you're not alone / wait one more day / if that's too much / one more hour.

Wait one more hour.

When that hour goes by let another go by...

...because time gives perspective.

With life there’s hope. Portland Burn Survivors is devoted to happiness.

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