PBS had a new website built for Rob Bispo created by Lynda Brown of Wow-Webs January 2013

I lost 97% of my skin July 25, 2003. When I woke up after more than 2 months in a coma  I was pissed off to say the least. Why did I survive? I'm going to cut through all the crap. Before my accident, my mother and my daughter taught me the healing arts yoga; I didn't know much about yoga, I just knew it worked and it made me feel better. I spent the next 7 years after my accident studying yoga and all of the healing arts. Although I practice them all from time to time, yoga is my passion.

And after you heal yourself you want to help others. As it is with a lot of yoga teachers, most of us don't make a lot of money but we love our work. Things were becoming stagnant in my yoga career; then I hooked up with Portland Burn Survivors, Inc (PBS) and they sponsored me a web-page, Yoga takes care of that void in my soul and makes me feel whole. I have so many friends now I am blessed. ~Rob Bispo

PBSurvivors received an Art Grant of five thousand dollars for 2013! We're making an Anthology; hoping to have it to the printers by fall. if U'd like 2 be involved reach us by email or cell fone 818-307-8779.
PBS sent four people to the world Burn Congress, put on by the Phoenix Society. This year it was in Milwaukee WI, September 2012
Trudy needed cash to help this month / happy we could help, we want u to live long and prosper / August 2012
Brad K needed a passport for the Canadian Burn Conference, June 6 - 9 2012, happy 2 get it fast-tracked / it was in Calgary this year and we had a great time
James O needed some change to cover his monthly expenses. Happy we could help / April 2012

Bud needs meds; this n that (SSDI covers this n not that) happy we could give him a few beans to cover medication. Bud loves 2 get email, write him at

Jan 2012

Paul needed a new bed, happy we could get him the kind he wanted, a big fluffy futon from Cotton Cloud in Portland - and a big fluffy thank you 2 Cotton Cloud - they gave us 25% off and free delivery to Macdonald Center

Paul donated his used futon to Right 2 Dream Too on Burnside and 4th

Jan 2012

We were happy 2 send Bud to the Blues Festival for his birthday, July 1st 2011
Katie J recieved her bachelors degree spring of 2011, happy we were able to give her a gift / now she's finished grad school / Go Katie!
We were happy to help Trevor pay for car repairs / March 2011

Our 1st Grant! We were happy to give a new floor to Paul Peterson, living in MacDonald Center, downtown Portland October 2010


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