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Liara Cyis Ikyrian aka Labonya Siddiqui had her art featured, pages 82-83 & 84-85 / December 2012

Oregon Live - Crippled People R Mean - The Canadian Threat

A review of the Canadian Burn Survivor Conference, June 2012




Oregon Live - Christmas Shopping 2011 Alisa & Paul make the scene at the Burnside Bridge's Saturday market
The Duluth Tribune, Sunday November 2011 Alisa Christensen , Duluth native on an odyssey of recovery
Oregon Live - The Rainbow Gathering July 2011 Welcome 2 the Rainbow, now Get Out!! Was the rainbow gathering gimp friendly? Trevor and Alisa investigated.


PBS on KBOO, October 2011

Ken, Mona & Alisa interviewed on KBOO / music KevC

Oregon Live - Crippled People R Mean

a trip to the Social Security office - August 2011

Beneta Alioth on Ch 6, June, 2011

Benita talks about the Firefighters Cookoff on July 9th & being a survivor

Jan Schumacher, March, 2011

The first woman to be fit with anatomically correct fingers / made by Advanced Arm Dynamics.

The Oregonian Feb, 2011

Anne Saker wrote a story about PBS, what we've been created for & what we hope to accomplish, it was much appreciated, thank you. It appeared in the news paper and online.



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