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Mark Jesus Is A Blue Flame

...When I first moved to LA I worked ‘One Day’ at a Christmas Tree Lot. There were several reasons why I didn't continue...

Sarabeth My Journey To Rise From My Ashes

This is a blog about my life after a near death and life changing accident and my journey to rise from my ashes like the phoenix... and my crazy, obsessive love for Jack White :)

for Oregon Live by Alisa Crippled People R Mean-...the Social Security Rental Boy

excerpts from gimp Handicapped Only ...there was an SUV pulling into the one gimp space in front of the store. It’s nearly five and the lot is full...

Spirituality addition to wine and cookies, we gave away stuffed animals, jackets, sweaters, blankets and sleeping bags...

Poetry by Mona --

Happy Thoughts



-Under The Cloud



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