Under the Cloud

Under The Cloud

Being severely burned is a nightmare you never get to wake up from...

The realization that your life will never be the same
You will never be treated again as a whole person
Smiled at
Flirted with
Accepted as normal
And worthy of a positive response

Always encounters are colored by deformity
Scars that hide the beauty of old
Diminish the spark and candor of emotions expressed
Lost in contusion
Buried under ropy tissue
That pulls and twists wherever it wills

The battle to reconstruct is lifelong
There are no breaks
There are no true get-aways
My scars always go with me
Visible - Encountered
Never hidden
Always responded to in some fashion

Out of my control
As much as I try to pave the way
I can never predict
Can never know
Only cope

Each new day
Each new person

A life lived under the cloud
The residual nightmare
That can't and won't let me go.

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